Press Release

  • 10/16/2019

    【Jewels Japan at Shopify x Facebook Marketing Seminar in Facebook Japan HQ.】 Our representative director, Mr. Naoki Mochizuki was also a guest speaker. Our main topic was “A Successful Social Network Strategy for Sales of D2C Jewelry Brand Worldwide”. It was a fruitful discussion!See it for yourself, click the link here!
  • 7/2019

    The announcement of the opening of our new store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, was featured on the Yamanashi "San-Nichi" newspaper. For more details (in English) click here.
  • 6/2019

    We were featured on the TV show "Departure! Local line discovery trip*" by BS TV Tokyo channel. On this show, Japanese actor Takatoshi Kaneko and comedian Ms. Barbie visited our atelier, where they experienced making their own jewelry. This show was broadcasted on June 10th, 2019. *Original title "出発!ローカル線聞きこみ発見旅" in Japanese.
  • 5/2019

    Former Mongolian sumo wrestler Asashōryū (朝青龍 in Japanese) visited our atelier in Yamanashi, where he was delighted by our craftmen's jewelry making skills. Asashōryū (born in 1980 as Dolgorsürengiin Dagvadorj) became the 68th Yokozuna, sumo's highest ranked wrestler, in 2003 and is a highly appreciated celebrity in Japan.
  • 11/2018

    Nepali jewelry designer Suman Dhakhwa visited our company on November 22, 2018!!
  • 11/2017

    Our brand L&Co. was featured on the Japanese magazine Sweet, November 2017 issue!!
  • 10/2016

    A commercial delegation from the Government of Chengdu (Sichuan, China) visited us and enjoyed making their own jewelry.
  • 1/2014

    1/2014 Our brand me. 's jewels were featired on the Taiwanese ViVi magazine, January 2014 issue!