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Silver Hidden Samurai Ring (14-2361)

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All jewels are made-to-order. Please let us know your customization preferences through Facebook Messenger or via here. As for ring size, please check here

Manufacture time: 3~4weeks+delivery date via EMS from Japan.

Material Made of Silver925 and oxidized on some parts to give an antique look. 

Shingen Takeda's family logo & flag slogan engraved on the ring .

(風林火山) [Wind, forest, fire, and mountain] . It means "Swift as the Wind, Silent as a Forest, Fierce as Fire and Immovable as a Mountain"

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This collection is inspired by Japan’s traditional Samurai culture. Items in this collection can be customized, since each piece is handmade by our craftsmen following order specifications. Please look at the following references for customization.

-Available materials: gold, silver, brass.
-Engraving: you can imprint any text or characters you like (e.g. your name, favorite words in Japanese)
-Motif: you can imprint your original family crest (in Japan we used to have our own family emblems long time ago).
Here are some examples of our customized products.

To know more about Japan’s Samurai culture and the concept behind this collection please click here.